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  • Do I need a hunting license?
    No license is required for hunting in the preserve, but a PA hunting license is required for the free range hunts. This can be obtained online or at issuing agents. Please call for questions or assistance.
  • When is the best time to hunt?
    Mid August to September is the optimal time for hunting in the preserve, but hunting can be done in the preserve from mid August to January. Hunting in the free range area follows PA game laws. Rifle season usually begins the first Saturday after Thanksgiving and runs for two weeks. Free Range bow hunts also follow PA game laws and usually runs October through first two weeks of November. The first weeks of November begin the rut in PA.
  • What weapons may I use?
    You may use bow, crossbow, rifle, pistol, muzzleloader and most weapons in the preserve. Free range hunts follow PA regulations. Crossbows are legal in PA and rifles must be centerfire. Semiautomatic rifles are not currently permitted for deer in free range hunts.
  • What is the success rate?
    2019 was a good year and we had 100% success on free range hunts even for a youngster only 6 years old. Similarly a nine year old went hunting three times with a crossbow and killed three deer including a buck on a free range hunt. Preserve hunts can expect 100 % success rate.
  • Are lodging and meals provided?
    Good lodging with nice restaurants are available in Huntingdon only 8-10 miles away. Guests are responsible for their own lodging and meals but recommendations are available.
  • What deposit is required?
    50% of the hunt is required, and it is nonrefundable.
  • May I bring a friend or family member that is not hunting?
    Yes you may bring a friend or family member at no additional charge.
  • Is there a minumum age?
    No, we enjoy helping young hunters. We do recommend they shoot accurately or we can assist in honing skills prior to the hunt.
  • What is the size of the property?
    We have two properties. One is 110 acres, and the other one is 48 acres.
  • Is there a no kill no pay policy?
    If you decide not to kill a deer in the preserve you will be responsible for 50% of the cost of the hunt or your deposit.
  • What if I wound a deer?
    You are responsible for the full price of the hunt and trophy fee.
  • Is skinning and butchering available?
    Yes, we will skin and quarter your deer for $100. It is your responsibility to bring coolers. Butchering is usually available depending on the time of the year at an excellent local butcher. Butchering is always available for free range hunts.
  • Are your hunts guided?
  • What type of hunting should I expect?
    We hunt from ladder stands and some fully enclosed stands with propane heat. We usually have 20-25 stands available.
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